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Ironically optimistic

You  know what’s crazy? Waking up each day ,running for work . Thinking it’s not gonna be this way forever. Thinking I’m not gonna do this work forever.its just a phase. I have to get past through it for becoming successful. I’ll soon follow my heart which beats for music,art, literature whatever. But I’m afraid it’s becoming a pattern now. Maybe it’s a way of denial of the reality. Maybe it’s much easier thinking this way than realising I’ve no way but to do this job I hate . I’ve heard one should panic when a certain pattern comes in their lives. Extraordinary people don’t have any patterns in their life. They are crazy,reckless,astutely foolish and frenzied. They don’t care much about their future but present. Passion for their work is much greater than backups. They don’t care about back ups. Infact they don’t have plan B. They give birth to their art and one doesn’t abandons it’s baby whatsoever. Am i this? Can i risk everything and nothing for my dreams? Can i break every tie that prevents me from moving towards my dreams? Am i afraid of failures? Greatmen are not afraid of failures. They just focus on making their dream come true. For a second I want all of you to put your hand on your heart and close your eyes and ask yourself. Are you really happy? Does it seems alright to you that eventually you are going to die without realising your dreams? Without chasing your life? Without caring enough about your heart? With deafening your ears and not listening your soul?